Give Me Space Crate Panel
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Add your "Give Me Space" message to your crate.  This message raises awareness to people passing and supports your training efforts.  Useful in the car, at dog events and even with visitors in your home.

The very nature of dog sporting events can be stressful for you and your dog and a dog that roars from its crate adds to everyone's stress.  Be sure to choose your crating space wiselyto help you both feel calmer and safer.  This is usually away from main aisles and heavy traffic flow and at a sufficient distance away from the competition rings to reduce distractions.

The same great fabric as the yellow Dog In Training Vest.  The straps are cotton twill with a heavier duty Vecro.  I recommend adjusting the panel position while your dog is away from the crate to avoid issues for noise sensitive dogs.

Panel is 13.75" wide by 11.75" tall.  The straps adjust and should fit most wire crates and the doors on plastic crates.  It can be safety pinned to mesh crates.

I am testing this product so supply is limited at this time.  Please send feedback and photographs of how you are using your panel to